Favorite Fabric Finds

I’ve been scouting out fabric for a small arm chair I’m going to reupholster and my searching landed me upon some fabric beauties (thanks, spoonflower).  Now I’m more excited to make pillows, headbands, or whatever just so that I can buy some of these designs.

So, I bought a couple yards of this (Charcoal Dots by Domesticate) for the chair.  Gorgeous stuff, no?

charcoal dots

And I just couldn’t resist sharing more of the great designs by Domesticate.

I love this fiddle leaf fig pattern (it reminds me of the famous Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper!).  I’m thinking I would love to have these as curtains in my office.
Tropicali Afternoon

I want to reupholster another chair in abstract print:
Freestyle in black

Look at these beautiful colors!
marbled in amethyst

Lovely color:


Do you have a favorite?  What would you use the fabric for?

Home Office Inspiration

I am in the middle of planning out a new home office.  We just need one central place for filing stuff and for organizing all of our office-y material: papers, pens, you know.  Right now it’s all scattered and stuffed in plastic drawers in a closet and I dread going in there to look for stuff.  What a headache.

So my biggest concern for this office is getting it all organized.  But it can’t lack style either!  Here are some looks that inspire me.

homeoffice1                                                                             via Paris Boutique Journal

homeoffice2                                                                              via Apartment Therapy

homeoffice3                                                                    via The Marion House Book

homeoffice4                                                                                  via Temple & Webster

Oh, and I keep having a vision of this beauty hanging on the wall:

Field-Trip by Ashley HizerI’m absolutely in love with the colors.  It’s called Field Trip by Ashley Hizer.  I’m asking for this for Mother’s Day, by the way!  I’d actually be happy with any of her paintings!  (Did you catch that, Michael? I hope you’re reading this! :)

So which office space would you most like to work in?

Our 5th Anniversary

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s already been 5 years since Michael and I got married.  I think it’s the having kids part that has moved time so fast.

I had so many different fun ideas for what we could do for our anniversary this year.  After all, 5 years is a landmark!  Half a decade.  And I put off planning, and kept putting it off.  And now it’s today.  I have no special gift for Michael and I’m not even sure what we’re going to do to celebrate.

And then I think about how it’s not a big deal at all to have something planned.  Cooking up burgers at home will be just as special as going out to eat an expensive dinner.  It’s all about time together, right?  No matter what you’re doing.


Happy anniversary, Michael.  I love you.

Emily Sanford Designs

What do you think of the blog’s new look?  I’m really loving it.  I’ll be continuing to make a few changes here and there, so don’t be surprised if you see things moving around.

Ok, I just had to share this fabric from Emily Sanford Designs on Spoonflower.  I’ve been camping out over at Spoonflower recently (on the hunt for some upholstery fabric) and stumbled upon her fantastic designs.  I’m seriously in love with each one.

Watercolor Feather Chevron LARGE

.a shot in water.

Speckle in Blush

TriPattern in Blush

Feather Chevron in Blues

I would like at least one yard of each, please.  Pillows, table runners/cloths, napkins, or even just a small piece framed on the wall for art would be lovely.  Which design is your favorite and what would you make it into?

Looking for Pillows

I’ve had my eyes open for throw pillows lately.  For one reason or another, our home is sadly lacking in pretty pillows and I would like that to change.

Pillows can add so much to the look of a room, but I always get hung up on the prices!  Pillow cover prices can run on the high end and the mother in me wonders how long they’ll be able withstand the wear and tear from children.  I think it’s time for me to get over the fear though and just buy them already!

Here’s what I’ve been eyeing.

#1 The Alyssa Pillow from Joss & Main

#2 The Ava Pillow Cover in yellow from Dozi

#3 Scales Pillow Cover in Black/Natural from Dozi

#4 Aztec Pillow Cover from 5cHomeDecor


#5 Modern Geo Embroidery Pillow from Target

#6 And who doesn’t want a lovely pillow from Caitlin Wilson?  I’ve always wanted the Navy Fleur Chinoise

Which ones would you like to have at home?

Design Book Recommendations

I’m excited to share a couple of new design books that I recently got my hands on.  They also make great coffee table books!

The first is Kate Spade’s latest book, “Things We Love”.  Every page is beautiful and inspiring.  As you might have guessed, it’s chock full of color and cultural curiosities.  You won’t be wasting your pennies on this lovely read.

The other is Jennifer Bole’s “In With the Old: Classic Decor from A to Z”.  In my humble opinion, this is an essential design guide that takes you, literally A to Z, through a variety of classic design elements and styles.  Love, love, love this little book and so glad to have it as a constant reference!

So glad to finally have a home for these books.

Family Room Progress

It’s been ages since I last wrote about wanting to make changes in our family room.  It use to be my least favorite room to spend time in because it always felt really cluttered and disorganized (and that’s probably why it took me a while to figure out what to do with it).  It’s an oddly sized room with limited space for furniture and it was frustrating trying to arrange the furniture around the central fireplace.

Here’s a quick look at the before:

And here’s the progress.  I’m so happy with how it looks and it’s now my favorite room in the house.

To start with, I bought 2 inexpensive bookshelves on Craigslist (I think I paid about $60 for the pair) and painted them white with gray trim (yes, it still needs some touch-up paint).  Put together, the 2 shelves fit perfectly in the space between the wall and the fireplace and look like built-ins.  When I bought the bookshelves, I had intended to put a bookshelf on either side of the fireplace, but I love the look of both of them put together.  It really fills the space out and looks so colorful!

Oh and here’s the back door!  I’ve always wanted a sleek-looking black door.  The color is Benjamin Moore’s Onyx.  And, oh, I love looking at this door now in all of its black glory.  So sophisticated!  The red metal side table is from Target.

I should have taken a better close-up, but see the old game board hanging on the wall?  It was a yard sale find.  Probably one of the best yard sales I have ever been to – I so regret not buying more!  I only paid $12 for it and just the other day I saw a similar one at an antique store going for $175!  I don’t know if mine is worth quite that much, but it definitely made me feel like I got a great deal.

I’m still figuring out what to do with the side tables that are being used as our tv stand.  Both tables were a Craigslist find that I had been storing out in the garage for months, unsure of where to put them.  They’ve ended up being a good size to hold our tv for the time being.  I just pushed the 2 of them together and called it good.

So far I’ve painted one yellow.  I’m still not convinced that it should stay yellow and that’s why I haven’t painted the other table yet.  I’m just not sure it they should both be a different color or if they should be yellow.  Just going to sit on it for a while.  Any thoughts??

And the little gallery above our tv.  On the left, a copy of one of my favorite photos of Walt Disney from Life Magazine in the 40s; above right, a free fabric swatch from Caitlin Wilson; lower right, some old stamps I found at an antique store for 10 cents each.

There are still a few additions I’d like to make: a couple of fun and colorful pillows for the couch, a small armchair or two, a small console table to go underneath the game board, a rug, and a new coffee table (I’m thinking a lucite table like this!)

Blue Vinyl Chair Update

For those who are interested, I wanted to share an update on how my spray painted blue vinyl chair has held up.  I posted about the project in December and Apartment Therapy shared it in January.  A lot of AT readers questioned whether the paint would hold long term or peel off.

I was (and still am) very happy with the results of this little chair.  I’m glad to report that it has mostly held up fantastically –  there are only a few small chips in the paint, right near the corner of the seat.  You barely notice it unless you’re looking for it.  And I think these chips are more likely the result of rough play from Bowen.

Which leads me to the sad part of this post.  And it has to do with more wear and tear from children.

Yes, there’s a huge tear on the seat of the chair.  :(  Bowen was running around with his plastic toy sword one day and literally stabbed the seat cushion.  And of course vinyl is no match for plastic toy swords.  It was a little heartbreaking for me, but I was glad for the fact that it was such an inexpensive chair/project.  I still love it.  And I’ll come up with something to prevent the current tear from ripping further.

So the paint has held up well, but just remember that vinyl itself is not a very durable material (especially if you have kids in your house)!

Hello, Etsy!

I decided to open a store on Etsy last week (LivingandLovingShop).  Inventory is still low, but I’m excited to add more in the coming weeks.  The store will primarily consist of vintage home decor and fun antique finds.  Have you sold on Etsy before?  I’d love to hear any tips you have!

Here are the first few items that have been listed:

Feel free to hop on over!  LivingandLovingShop on Etsy

Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Have you ever heard of the Tiny Atlas Quarterly?  They are a California based lifestyle travel magazine that feeds a love for travel and a love for the sheer beauty of this place called earth.  I first started following them on Instagram and their photos are now the highlight of my feed.  PS if you’re not following them on Instagram yet, you must.

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